Stacey Mackey’s Artistic Eye Brings Your Unique Vision to Life

My name is Stacey Mackey and I’ve been a remodeling contractor for over 25 years. Most people think that remodeling jobs are hugely expensive but I do a wide range of projects. Recently, I was at a client’s home and noticed that the dining room ceiling had a bubble in the sheetrock. I checked the moisture level and it was very high in that area. We opened the ceiling and I saw that there was a leak in the pipe going to the shower. I had the pipe fixed and the ceiling patched by the next day. But, if the leak had gone unnoticed my client would have had to rip out the whole ceiling, replace rotted wood, and most likely would have been dealing with mold and other issues. I’m offering a free property evaluation and would be happy to set up an appointment with you at your convenience

Stacey Mackey

Stacey Mackey is an artist at heart.  After completing his Masters of Fine art in 1982 he moved to San Francisco to work at the MOMA .  During that time he developed and built a live / work artist community. Construction began as a way to feed his art career but quickly turned into an exciting new medium.  Mackey found his calling  as custom design / builder.  His fine art training gave him an almost photographic ability to see the color and shape of a room before it comes to life. The results are rooms that not only look great but feel great to be in.  Stacey enjoys working with clients who value the artist eye he brings to every project.