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Mackey Builders Inc. –Exceptional Remodeling Service

Are you thinking of remodeling but can’t quite visualize how it will all come together?  Fear not, Mackey Builders Inc. can help you!    We excel in taking your vision from a napkin sketch all the way to a finished home that embodies the best of form and function.  We’ve worked hard to develop our “listening skills” and know what questions to ask so that we can translate your design dream into a beautiful reality.

Clients constantly tell me, Thanks for listening so well. What you built is everything we hoped for .

Most of our work is done in a design/build format, meaning we work with the client from concept to completion.  Once we have the design in place, we’re able to provide a fixed cost estimate for the construction – one of the major benefits of working with a design/build company.

We have hundreds of satisfied clients and have won many awards for our excellence in remodeling.  Our expertise lies in finding creative ways to build everything you want with a budget you can afford, all while making the process go as smoothly as possible for you and your family.  Please feel free to schedule a no-charge 1-hour consultation today to discuss your design ideas

Kitchen Remodeling

You probably spend more time in your kitchen than in any other room.  We’ll bring all the pieces together, from cabinets, countertops and backsplashes to appliances, fixtures and flooring.  The result:  A charming, functional kitchen that reflects your personality and style.

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If you and your family are bumping into walls (or each other), consider a home addition.  Whether it’s making a second story, extending your kitchen, or transforming your bedroom into a master suite, we can add all the additional square footage you need.

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Bathroom Remodeling

Maybe your bathroom tiles are worn and chipped, or you trip every time you step into the shower.  Our bathroom renovations offer everything from space efficient designs to soothing spa-like retreats.

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